Password Generator

Password generator is one tool that helps us a lot. It is so because now a days most of the people use computers or some or the other electronic device. And when talk is about gadgets then passwords is something that most of us are worried about. In fact password is not only for electronic devices but it is also for your other accounts. Thus it becomes mandatory and best if you have a password that others can never crack.

Things to remember about passwords

Firstly you should never use one password for all accounts and especially when there are some important accounts then you never use same password for all. If this happens then people may know your password easily thereby it leads to hacking of your accounts.

Password Generator

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Another point here is that you should not have same security question for all your accounts. This rule applies to every person who is reading this article. You now continue reading to know some thing about dos and donts of passwords and creation of password.

Things to remember about passwords

  • Never use names of near and dear ones
  • Here it means names of family members, friends or anything that you usually use
  • Next do not use same letters or symbols in password
  • It is also better that you do not use dictionary word as well
  • Finger prints are also a big no for passwords
  • Never allow browsers to store passwords
  • This steps saves you from many bad incidents

When you follow above steps then you would be in a safe zone. However there are many other things that you keep in mind before going ahead and making that password.

Note on generating password

  • Any sort of number such as phone number, house number, ID card number, social security number or your birthday should not be in your password
  • Avoid using post codes in passwords
  • Never use any free wi fi or public wi fi hotspot to check important accounts
  • In this way you are not giving others a chance to hack in to your accounts
  • Never send sensitive information using unencrypted connections (such as HTTP or FTP)

Things to follow when making passwords

  • Always and always make sure that you lock your system and mobile when not using them
  • Password should have 16 characters
  • You must use one lower case letter, one number, one special symbol and one upper case letter
  • Always check strength of your password
  • To be safe change your password once in 10 weeks
  • If possible go for two steps verification process always
  • Install latest security updates for operating systems
  • Never tell passwords to others especially over emails
  • Install intrusion (or invasion or disturbance) detection or other prevention software so that no one is able to hack your system

Steps to use password generator

It is a simple task to use password generator. However you use it carefully and every time you use this password generator option you get the result right on spot. It is so because you find result below password generator feature itself.

How to use password generator

To use password generator facility you follow below listed options –

  • You first see a password generator field
  • In this field you type password and then click on ‘try’ option
  • Once you do that you find result there and result of this password includes the following details –
  • Check of length
  • Capital letter and small letter
  • Number
  • Below that you find result of password that you create

Thus in simple way you create password using password generator option. Finally it is an advice that you follow all above rules and regulations in order to keep your password safe and secure.