Base64 Decode Encode Generator

Base64 is yet another one of the tools that you can use to simplify your work. And as the name says it is an encoding and decoding tool that you utilize for securing yourself from any sort of unwanted messages. Base64 also happens to be one of the best decoding and encoding generator available at the moment. To help you further in this article you find steps to use Base64 encode decode generator.

What is Base64?

Base64 is one of those binary to text encoding schemes while this term has its origins from MIME content transfer encoding. (Here MIME full form is Multi Purpose Internet Mail Extensions) In addition it is made of 64 characters representing 64 place value. While implementation of this Base64 decoding and encoding process is simple so that any person can make use of this Base64 algorithm.


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Use of Base64

There are many advantages of Base64 while one of them is that you can now easily forward binary data. If you look around then you see that most of cryptic communication generators secure text. However this is not the case with this kind of a generator. It is so because creation of Base64 happened in a manner that binary data will now be sent easily and it would not face any problem.

One of the examples here would be sending images as email attachment. Or you may even send images in form of XML file. You may forward attachments through SMTP or as its full form says Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. This is yet another example of the vast use of this encoding decoding generator.

Things to know about MIME Base64

People quite often use MIME Base64 encoding option and it makes use of ‘=’ character mostly at end of string. There is specific reason for use of this character as it indicates last character being either double or single byte. While MIME Base64 finds its ground – work in RFC 1420 specification.

Steps to use Base64 generator

To use this code generator you enter matter in field provided and click on either code or decode option.

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