Binary Alphabet

Binary code

In this coding, when you can see the numbers, letters or words with a group of symbols, later the words are being encoded. Therefore, a group of the symbols is called as a code. The digital data can be stored and later it is passes through a group of binary bits. This group is named as binary code, this can be described in both ways one is as the number and the other is as an alphanumeric letter.

Binary Alphabet

You can find the letters of the Latin ASCII alphabet in their binary code representation. If you are looking some easy ways to convert alphabet into binary you can check the given below table.

Alphabet in binary, capital letters

Here is some of the   Capital Alphabet numbers in binary form are given below:

Alphabet in Capital Letters

Binary Numbers

A 01000001
B 01000010
C 01000011
D 01000100
E 01000101
F 01000110
G 01000111
H 01001000
I 01001001
J 01001010
K 01001011
L 01001100
M 01001101
N 01001110
O 01001111
P 01010000
Q 01010001
R 01010010
S 01010011
T 01010100
U 01010101
V 01010110
W 01010111
X 01011000
Y 01011001
Z 01011010

Alphabet in Binary, Lower Case

Some of the lower case alphabet is given below that converts in binary form are

Lower case Alphabet

Binary Numbers

a 01100001
b 01100010
c 01100011
d 01100100
e 01100101
f 01100110
g 01100111
h 01101000
i 01101001
j 01101010
k 01101011
l 01101100
m 01101101
n 01101110
o 01101111
p 01110000
q 01110001
r 01110010
s 01110011
t 01110100
u 01110101
v 01110110
w 01110111
x 01111000
y 01111001
z 01111010