DNS Server Lookup Tool

DNS server lookup online tool is very useful tool because here you will be able to look for DNS server. You can do all of this by using a simple technique which is nothing but to use DNS lookup online. But you only remember to enter correct details so that you do not have any confusion later on. Also know more about forward DNS lookup and reverse DNS lookup. You can understand working of rDNS in this article as well.

What is DNS server lookup?

In this paragraph you understand meaning of DNS server lookup and how this process works. Firstly you remember that your computer is going to use DNS server whenever you are browsing net. In addition your computer will use DNS server to check IP address. Here DNS full form is Domain Name System.

Define IP address

IP address is short form for internet protocol address that computers use. You can learn more about IP addresses and know what is your IP address also.

How DNS lookup tool works

There is simple working condition of DNS lookup tool because it helps you to find IP address of domain names. You get IP addresses from DNS records only.

Working system of DNS

DNS is short form for Domain Name System and this is resolution of domain name. Apart from this DNS or Domain Name System also happens to be one of the most important concepts of internet besides it being one of the best and necessary components of internet.

DNS lookup approaches forward and reverse lookup

There are two kinds of DNS approaches or DNS lookup approaches such as forward DNS lookup or normal DNS lookup and reverse DNS lookup approach. These are compulsory approaches for proper working of DNS.

Define forward DNS lookup

Forward DNS lookup is also known as normal DNS look up or even simple DNS look up. Besides this kind of look up approach is mostly used in Domain Name System. Forward DNS lookup finds domain’s IP address so you do not have to remember many numbers and in place of that you must only remember domain name. This domain name uses words so it will be possible for you to remember all words.

DNS resolution steps

  • Enter domain name in internet browser
  • Computer will then send domain name
  • Name sent is in DNS request form
  • You get domain on ISP or on your internet services provider
  • ISP also checks whether IP address connects to name or not
  • In case it does not happen then ISP will forward this request to other providers
  • When there is correct result then IP address of domain comes to user
  • Therefore computer of user is able to communicate with server

Reverse DNS lookup definition and working of DNS

Reverse DNS lookup is another approach in Domain Name System and it is also known as reverse DNS resolution or rDNS. Work of rDNS is to find domain name of IP addresses. For this that is process of reverse resolving, IP addresses make use of PTR records (or Pointer records).

In other words reverse DNS lookup starts with IP address and the result is that it comes back with domain name. Now that you know about all of this it becomes easy for you to use DNS lookup online server tool. However you follow steps to use this online tool and below you find these steps on how to use DNS server lookup tool.

DNS server lookup test tool

You must enter domain name in field provided and then click on ‘test’ so that online DNS lookup server tool finds the correct answer. If you wish then you may enter DNS name server but this is only optional and not compulsory.

You can also know how to use DNSSEC Server Lookup online tool.