Hex Decoder

Hex Decoder is a tool that will convert any type of encoding into the previous state includes Hex, Html, and Oct etc.


Online encoder a tool is used to encode the data in a simple way and helps you to choose the type file in the tool field. Based on the input file, you can use the text string as an input or a file. You can input the text string or you can select the field through a file. Click on the decoder button, and then it is assumed that the input is encoded and you want to decode it.


Firstly you have to choose a source code page and the target code page. This tool consists of a single button that converts button. Convert button will start converting the input data from the source page that encodes to the target code page encoding.  You can decode or encode many domains and can be done when each domain is on the separate line.


The input text string is limited to 131072 characters. The size of the input file is limited to 2 MB.