HTML Decoder

IF you want to decode a text or a file from HTML- encoded text, and this decoded can be done through a browser. You can view the decoded value or download it as a file.

What is HTML Decoding?

The HTML decoding main aim is to convert the document which consists of special characters that are out of range. This accepts the normal seven-bit ASCII values which are in standard form. This type of encoding is used to send the text to the server which is in the form of header information that can be easily and correctly resolved by the browsers.


HTML decoding is a process that is the opposite of the encoding process. In the decoding process, you can see the encoding characters are converted back to their original form.

How to decode a file

Load the HTML data and decode the data from the file, then press the decode button.

  • You have to browse a file or type the HTML data in the required text
  • Then press the Decode button.
  • Later, it will decode, and you can see the decoded data.