HTML Encoder

With the help of browser you can encode the text or a file as HTML-encoded text. You can see the encoded value or download it as a file.

What is HTML Encoding?

HTML encoding is a way to secure your text that will be exactly shown in the browser. However, in this process of ‘HTML encoding’  that is replaced by some of the characters such as <and>, with a specific ‘escape sequence’ of the characters that a browser is aware of the display how it will shows and should not interfere with browser description.


HTML Character Encoder

Encode text with modulation and special characters into HTML character that structures for use in a web page, and this online tool that even decodes text that you want to do.

If you want to create different websites then this is the best tool for encoding the language in HTML.

You can choose any text block that contains special characters like €, and some characterized by a particular accent letter like E and encode them into their HTML codes.  You can format the text into HTML paragraphs so that can easy to use the encoded content that helps in online.

Convert Ascii Text to HTML Character Entities

  • You have to paste or enter the text in the box below and then click on the encode button.
  • The newly encoded HTML code will appear in the box at the bottom of the page
  • Encoding preferences
  • Add <p> paragraph tags that help in creating basic HTML format around your text
  • Encode single quotation marks
  • Encode the less than and greater than signs