Lower Case String

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Text case changer is a useful web application that helps users to change the text case easily.  You want to write an content and all of sudden your keyboard caps log is on and started typing the capital letters and you want that content to be in small letter then no need to worry about that and no need to start it again from the beginning and retype all the letters again, these may leads in consuming your time. Instead of that, you can change lower case letters to uppercase letters to and upper case letters to lower case letters to.

How it works

If you want to convert text from upper case to lower case than replace all the strings with another string

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  • You need to type or paste the document in the text area
  • Select the conversion and you have to check whether they are appearing on the same panel or not.
  • You have to select the upper case letter and then click on the convert button that converts into upper case letters.
  • Once you convert the text that you want to can copy by using control +c and paste it on a document you want to.

To Lowercase

This action is taking place of text in the source area to the lower case letters

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