Online Ping Test Tool

Online ping tool tells you about time taken for all packets to reach host and for this you require host name or the IP address or the Internet Protocol address. But before that you know what is ping and how does it work. You also know what is internet protocol network and why is it necessary.

What is ping in network utility?

Firstly ping is computer network administration software utility (here software utility or utility software is system software). Moreover utility software analyses, optimises and even maintains computers. It also configures things.

Thus you can say that this is one of the best things that support computer infrastructure.

Ping as we told you above is computer network that tests how far can host on IP network reach. It means that ping checks round – trip time for messages that is from origin to destination and it returns.

Also know more about speed test.

Points to remember

  • Utility software is system software and supports computer infrastructure
  • However it is different from application software which performs tasks for users
  • Some users may install utility software or other utilities
  • Ping has simple operation as it sends ICMP / ICMP6 (Internet Control Message Protocol) Echo Request packets
  • It sends these ICMP or ICMP6 packets to target host
  • While it also waits for ICMP Echo Reply
  • So you can see that on side there is request and on the other side there is reply

Structure of this program is in such a manner that this program will tell you about errors and packet loss and other related topics.

Internet Protocol

IP full form is Internet Protocol and it is a protocol technique using which packets go from host to destination computer. It is also possible for you to find out what is my IP address? using another tool on IP address locater.

Why should I use online ping tool?

By using ping tool you know if packets drop. However this online ping test tool pings server or IP or even domain and then shows you the result on the screen.

How to use ping tool

You enter IP address or ping server (domain) or the host name in box provided. After this you click on ‘submit’ tab. Thus in simple way you use this online service of ping.