Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is second most important thing that relates to any website apart from Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer. Therefore before you start reading or using Password Generator Tool site it is better if you read privacy policy. This privacy policy also makes you understand about the things that are part of Password Generator site.

You also come to know about things or information that is there on password generator site. On other hand you remember that from here onwards Password Generator site will be referred in any of the following manners – ‘we’, ‘this site’, ‘our site’, ‘us’, ‘this website’, ‘our’, ‘site’, ‘the site’, ‘the website’, ‘website’, ‘our company’ or even ‘this site’.

Collection of information

Privacy policy means collection of information apart from information that is not collected from the readers or users of this site. Below we gave some important points so that you understand as to why and what kind of information we collect.

You also have an idea of what information we collect and what is use of this information. It is so because only then you will be clear of important things related to this website.


  • We do not collect information such as personal details of readers or users of the site
  • But when we take information it is only after you agree to provide details of yourself
  • Besides information that we take from users or readers of our site will never be sold to others

Therefore in this way your personal details are safe and secure with us.


Cookies are one of the important things in websites. And here cookies mean small text files which do not cause any harm to you or others.

You remember that whenever you browse net or go to some websites then cookies will automatically come to your computer or other device. These cookies are very useful because they improve website speed.

It also becomes easy for you to share links or specific pages from the website in other social networking sites such as Facebook or other sites. Additionally cookies do not store information of users also so you do not worry of information being stored. Finally password generator also uses cookies so that sharing of web pages is possible on other social networking sites.

Why do we collect information from visitors of the site?

We collect information from readers because it helps us to improve this website. Information collected from users or readers of the site is general information and this will improve our site and your experience at the website.

You can also give feedback on the content in the site so that this site becomes a very user friendly and a reader friendly site.

No personal details collected

We at Password Generator believe that collection of personal information has some risks and that is the reason that we do not any kind of personal information of users of this site. We also believe in protecting identity of readers. Thus information collected by us is all general data that will only develop content of this site.

Registration fee

There is no registration fee for Password Generator website so you can say that there are zero registration charges here and that is why all password tools are free of cost on this site.

Contact Us

In case you require further information or wish to clear some doubts then you can contact us or send us email at