SHA 1 Hash Generator

SHA 1 happens to be a ‘Secure Hash Algorithm’, which people consider as password hashing algorithm. SHA 1 is one of the tools used in cryptography for having secure communication. While this tool of SHA 1 hash generator is quite useful in generating a secure hash algorithm from strings. But for this you must follow some steps besides knowing what exactly is SHA 1 hash algorithm generator below.

What is SHA 1?

SHA 1 full form is Secure Hash Algorithm and National Security Agency or NSA of United States of America designed this algorithm in the year 1995. NSA created secure hash algorithm 1 for safe communication and it was used only in cryptography. Or you can say that hash algorithm was designed specifically for cryptographic hash function.

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Define cryptographic hash function

There is a special class of hash functions named cryptographic hash function. You use hash function to map data of arbitrary size to a data having fixed size. You may also say that these hash functions consist of mathematical algorithm that in turn map data of arbitrary size to that of bit string. As a result these are very useful when talk is around cryptic communication.

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What does SHA 1 do?

Essentially SHA 1 produces 160 – bit hash value. You may even tell that SHA 1 generates 20 – byte hash value which is a message digest. Here hash value is 40 digits long and it is hexadecimal number. Authorities designed SHA 1 in such a manner that two inputs would never have same hash value. Thus making it became more secure than other cryptic communication.

There are some other uses of secure communication as well and one of them is that people use SHA 1 as checksum algorithm. However with changing times SHA 1 seems to be not so secure enough. So it was time for creating some new hash algorithms such as SHA 2 and SHA 3 among other cryptic communication systems.

Why should I use SHA 1 hash generator?

You can still use SHA 1 because it turns out to be secure than MD5. Apart from this as we told you before SHA 2 verifies identity of files thereby generating password so that there can be no leakage of any kind. Converting passwords to SHA 1 hash is also a simple task thus making your password secure.

How to use secure hash algorithm 1 generator

In order to use SHA 1 hash generator all you do is enter text in box provided and from the time you enter text our system automatically converts text (or string) in to SHA 1 hash. In this simple manner you convert words or strings to secure messages.

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