SHA 256 Hash Generator

SHA256 is another of those cryptographic hash functions that people use in order to communicate in a secured manner. And as most of you know cryptographic hash functions are another class of hash functions only but these are something that have specific use in cryptography. In this article on SHA 256 you will be able to use this cryptography hash function in easy manner.


What is SHA – 256?

Before you use SHA 256 you should know what is SHA 2. Like you have guessed it SHA 2 is short form for Secure Hash Algorithm 2 which National Security Agency or NSA of United States had designed in 2001. NSA had also designed SHA 1 before modifying its cryptic functions and coming up with SHA 2 in the year 2001.

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Uses of hash function

There are many uses of hash function while cryptographic hash function is mathematical algorithm which is mapping data of arbitrary size to bit string. In addition to this it turns out to be one way function. Thus making itself more useful that the other cryptic communication set ups such as SHA512 or Base64 code generator.

Family of SHA 2

As you can see SHA 2 is new version of Secure Hash Algorithm 1 but this is not only one the feat that Secure Hash Algorithm achieved as there are other things seen in this kind of algorithm generator. There are in total 6 hash functions under SHA 2 and these are SHA 256, SHA 512, SHA 224, SHA 512 / 224, SHA 384 and SHA 512 / 256. Here these numbers indicate that they are bits as in 224, 256, 384 and the 512 bits.

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Uses of SHA 256 hash algorithm online generator

There is another unique aspect attached to this creator and it is that SHA 256 hash algorithm generator has 32 bit words and these features make secure hash algorithm one of the best things to happen. As a result SHA 256 has fixed size of 256 bit or 32 bytes hash.

This is another one of the reasons for SHA 256 being the strongest hash functions in the world of cryptography. People use this algorithm in the form of checksums as it helps them to figure out data corruption or in digital signatures along with verification of passwords; thus you are in a better position by using SHA-256.

Along with this you utilize this hash function in keeping track of data in hash tables, in message verification codes or to check duplicate data. You may even go ahead and use SHA – 256 generator for finger printing or to check files.

Points to remember

  • You can never reverse SHA – 256 as it is one way method
  • It means that they take message and just compute hash values or digests it
  • Hence there is no inverse side of this
  • This algorithm is responsible for representing hexadecimal number
  • Hexadecimal number here is of 64 digits
  • Decryption of SHA 256 is never possible
  • Simple reason for this is that secure hash algorithm is hash algorithm and it does not have to do anything with encryption

Finally and most importantly you understand that this sort of algorithm only generates hash value to whatever data you enter in field.

Steps to use online SHA 256 hash algorithm generator

You may now follow simple rules to generate hash algorithm. All you must do is enter text or string in field provided under ‘enter text’ tab. When you enter this text you can see SHA – 256 hash of the string in below field.

There is one more option here using which you separate all the lines in form of individual strings. This option is of great help in future.

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