Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions or Terms of Use specify use of password generator site. These Terms and Conditions also control use of content on Terms of Use on password generator. Moreover on this page of Terms and Conditions of Password Generator, password generator site will be referred as ‘site’, ‘this site’, ‘our site’, ‘we’, ‘this website’, ‘our website’, ‘us’, ‘the site’ and similar words.

Agree to Terms of Use of Password Generator

When you ‘agree’ to Terms and Conditions or Terms of Use of our site it means that you agree to all the Terms of Use given in the site. It becomes necessary for you to keep reading these Terms and Conditions because we may change them at any point of time.

And this change of Terms and Conditions will be due to changing market trends. Therefore you should keep checking these Terms of Use so that you know what are the changes in this site.

Cancellation of services

There may be cases of either cancelling or suspending services and this right is only of the site. There are also cases of discontinuing services at any point of time and such changes will not be notified before also. Therefore you must keep checking our T & C (or Terms and Conditions).

Termination of Password Generator services

As informed to you earlier we have the right to terminate services provided by this site any time. In addition there would not be any prior notification or prior notices given to users or readers of this site so it is better that you read this page sometimes.

Furthermore it is better if you read Disclaimer and Privacy Policy of Password Generator and in this way you will know about changes in Terms and Conditions of Password Generator site.