Text to Binary

Binary code

In this coding, when you can see the numbers, letters or words with a group of symbols, later the words are being encoded. Therefore, a group of the symbols is called as a code. The digital data can be stored and later it is passes through a group of binary bits. This group is named as binary code, this can be described in both ways one is as the number and the other is as an alphanumeric letter.

Text to Binary converter

In order to use text to binary converter tool, you have to type a word like “help” to get “01101000011001010110110001110000” and this is the best way to click on the convert button. This is the way to convert text to binary characters.

Convert Text to Binary tool

If you want to convert text into binary then, you have to store all the numbers as binary data into the computer. Binary uses the digits of 0 and 1 where computer sent the instructions or text. Each and every instruction or symbol is getting a bit of the string that helps in the assignment. Therefore, the strings correspond to guide the letters, symbols; these codes are used for encoding data.

How to convert text to binary code

  • Select the field where you have to text or copy the text through online.
  • Enter the text and click on the convert button
  • You can see the code converted from text to binary code.