Online Traceroute tool

Traceroute tool is one more tool that you find on this site of password generator tools. But this traceroute tool is different from other tools and for this you first understand uses of online traceroute tool before actually using it. It is so because you will know more about trace route map also in this article.

What is meaning of traceroute?

Traceroute is nothing but it is a network tool and as the name has ‘route’ word in it while meaning of this word is that you will know route of IP packets. Here IP full form is Internet Protocol and it tells us that it is set of rules involved to check format of data. And this is data that goes from one network to another network by using internet.

What is meaning of IP packet?

On other hand IP packet has information of IP address of both sender and receiver. IP packets have two parts that are header and payload.

You can also know more about IP address and how to find IP address packet with What is my IP address? topic.

Use of traceroute tool

So with the help of traceroute tool you will know about the route that Internet Protocol packets have taken on IP network. In simple words traceroute is network testing because it shows hop in order. You also know about total number of hops required here.

Explain traceroute

Sometimes we call traceroute as tracert or tracepath and as we told you it checks path or direction that all IP packets take to go from one place to another place. Thus it becomes very easy for you to find complete trace map of internet protocol packets.

You understand if IP packets are taking correct route or path or direction or not. And this becomes possible when you find geographic location information such as state, city and sometimes country.

Technique used to check IP route

Whenever you wish to check IP route or path you check TTL or time to live as this measures time when packets are sent from one side of network to another side of network. As a result there is calculation on one hop because it is from source to destination.

To get correct information, query of hops happen many times so that this measurement has correct values. Such information will let you know about time taken and path taken by packets to pass information from one computer or network to another computer or network.

Benefits of traceroute online tool

There are many benefits of traceroute online tool but the most important thing here is that with the help of traceroute information you check condition of connections. In addition you can identity problems that affect transfer of IP packets.

How to use online traceroute tool

It is very simple to use online traceroute tool and this user – friendly tool finds connectivity issues. You also have idea about routing issues whenever you make use of traceroute tool online.

However to use traceroute tool you should enter IP address or you may even enter IP host name and then click on ‘trace’ tab. As soon as you click on trace tab you will find the answer on screen. So as you can see it is simple technique that you use to find or trace route of IP packets.

You also learn about connections of systems, networks and this knowledge will help you in future. On other hand you check what are uses of online ping tool test.