URL Encoder

You can use the tool either encoder or decoder s string of text. You can see that URL has been encoded in a way that is the same in all cases and at all times. You can allow the characters throughout the world into the 60 or allow the characters that can be in URL format and you can use the two-steps process that can be used in:

Convert the character string into a sequence of bytes and uses the UTF-8 encoding.


Convert each and every byte that is not an ASCII letters or digits to %HH, where HH is the hexadecimal value of the byte.

 What is URL encoding?

URL encoding states that it will encode certain characters in a URL that replaces with one or more characters.

Therefore, the percent character “%” that can be followed by the two hexadecimal digits.

How to use the URL encoder

URL encoder is used when the browsers send data to a web browser. You can use URL tool to encode to decode the string of text for worldwide.

Step 1:

Copy and paste the URL or string of text that you want to encode

Step 2:

Encode the text ‘Reserved symbols’ will convert into ‘%’ symbol and two-digit hexadecimal values.

Why you use the URL encoder

URL encoding or decoders is used as percent encoding and change the string so it will force by the Uniform Resource Locators specification.  You can use a small set of characters in the URL structure. Uppercase letters (A-Z), Lowercase letters (a to z), and digits (0-9) and many symbols etc.

All the characters are replaced by a %, that are followed by a two-digital hexadecimal value that represents the symbol in the ISO character set