What Is My IP Address?

IP address is address that identifies computers when devices or computers are on IP (Internet Protocol) or TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) network. Here IP address means that it is Internet Protocol Address for all computer networks which use Internet Protocol for communication. In simple words it means that it is a tool using which can transfer data from part of the network to another part of the network and knowledge of what is my IP address here will be plus point for you only.

Importance to know my IP address

IP address full form is Internet Protocol Address and knowing IP address is always a plus point because through this you can check internet speed, technical support, IP address lookup and many other things. In addition device IP address is a unique number that all devices or computers get when they connect to the internet.

This unique IP address also links to online activity. And even if you have no idea of how this IP address works you do not worry it is so because in this article on find my IP address you know more about Internet Protocol Address.

Besides when you are online either shopping or using your email or other social networking sites then IP address plays a very important role here, as by using Internet Protocol address your devices will be able to get information.

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Define TCP or Transmission Control Protocol

TCP full form is Transmission Control Protocol and it is most important protocol of Internet Protocol Suite. TCP and IP together see to it that information goes to the correct device and in right order. While on one hand IP sends data on internet and on other hand TCP puts data in correct order.

By this TCP and IP combination data does not go missing. Moreover TCP has other responsibilities such as controlling internet traffic. You should keep it in mind that if traffic on internet is not under control then internet will be overloaded. So TCP maintains internet traffic for allowing free flow of data from one device to another device.

How does IP address help in getting information?

When you search for information online then your devices return with information only to you because of unique IP address. Here Internet Protocol will get information from source computer to destination computer and to do this work they use packets or IP packet. These IP packets are very useful in transferring information from one device to another device.

What is IP packet?

IP packet is second important thing in IP address and there is difference between IP address and IP packets. Below you find information on what are IP packets and what does IP packet do –

  • There are two parts in IP datagram or IP packet
  • First part is header and second part is payload

IP packet header

Header actually works like a label on envelope because it has source as well destination IP address. It also has other information called metadata (metadata is data about data or information about some other information).

Internet Protocol payload

On other hand there is second part to the IP packet and it is payload. This payload is letter in envelope.

So these two parts make IP datagram or IP packets using which internet protocol gets information. Further we use two different versions of Internet Protocol such as IPv4 and IPv6 and using these IP addresses computers identify other computer.

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Identification of computers using routers

You should remember some points about identifying computers here and it is that all computers on network have routing. There are also computers which talk to each other to understand the route so that they send packets. Besides they can never make mistakes here. Thus these computers are routers while they use routing protocols to communicate.